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 Viestin otsikko: Championship Playoffs Brentford - Middlesbrough
ViestiLähetetty: 07.05.2015, 13:59 
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Brentford - Middlesbrough

I would like to discuss the match at Griffin Park tomorrow, when the Bees entertain Middlesbrough, we have a whole host of historical notes on both, but I am not going to bother with those.

A Friday night game in the North East will not be so easy for many supporters to attend and I feel the party atmosphere will continue and the players are not under the same kind of pressure from supporters that the other three clubs will be. There is also the not so small matter of that rumoured bonus , if any further motivation was needed., but I prefer to skirt over that.

I also feel that Boro have been a little disrespectful to Brentford, they won both league games without conceding and were even hinting that were orchestrating their result at the weekend to play the Bees and sometimes in life, you should be careful what you wish for !

Boro did murder the Bees on Teeside, but that was one of the three worst performances from Brentford all season , maybe the worst. The match at GP was very different, Boro were on the back foot for most of the game, showed very little offensively, were gifted a goal against the run of play and played simply to hold on, they did grind out a result and sometimes you have to do that, but the Bees looked the better team that day. I have also been disappointed that too often on the road (Watford, Bournemouth especially) towards the business end of the season, Boro have underperformed when the pressure was really on and when they did give themselves a last chance with the win at Norwich ( I have my doubts about City on home soil anyway), they immediately blew it next time out with a loss at a very poor Fulham team, conceding four goals.

In my opinion Brentford come into the game with more momentum and have been creating a MASSIVE number of attempts on goal at home all season, expecially over the last eight games, they have scored 21 goals in those matches, two or more in seven, with no exaggeration, it should have been 30 + and only Ipswich on Boxing Day have outplayed the Bees at GP all season. They are 2.50- 2.75 to score two or more goals today, that just cannot be correct, they have done it in 7 of 8 and could have had three+ in all eight and since August was out of the way and they realised that they were on a par with the rest of the Championship , they have scored two or more in 15 of 21 home league games ( 71.43%) and you can bet them at 36% to do so this evening. Yes, Boro are solid defensively, but on another day would have conceded 2-3 here in the previous meeting and have shipped two or more in 5 of 7 away starts........... Brentford to score two or more goals @ 2.50-2.75 , I am happy to even lose on a price like that !

I see value in the match odds too of course and will have to take a little, so..... Brentford -0.25 ball 2.28 asian line/Sportmarket.

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