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 Viestin otsikko: France Ligue2 Bourg vs Creteil
ViestiLähetetty: 08.01.2016, 12:47 
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France Ligue2 Bourg vs Creteil

In terms of goals, these are the two big players in Ligue 2. BEBP's games have averaged 3.21 goals and Creteil's 2.79 to give that some context, 14 of the other 18 teams fall in the 1.63-2.26 goal range.

Creteil are the team we have discussed most in recent season in regard to goals and we have seen a return this season to their (wonderful) gung-ho style, especially on the road where they have scored 1.3 and conceded 1.7 goals on average.

They won the reverse fixture 2-1, but BEBP felt robbed and a wide open encounter might easily have ended 3-3 and I expect plenty of entertainment this evening.

Creteil arrive very short handed, with three defenders in Diedhiou, Montraroup and Esor suspended and another injured in Christophe Herelle (who has only missed one start this season, a 3-2 road loss to low scoring Laval) along with several others (mainly midfielders). The five defenders who have made the trip are ok, but only one would be first choice and there are effectively half a team of starters short today. They do have a "new" player in Rafik Gérard, who signed 18 months ago (all apart from 26 minutes of which he has spent injured !) after failing to make the grade at PSG, he has six months left on his contract to make an impression and it will be interesting to see him in the next couple of weeks.

Injuries, and having played a game recently give the hosts the edge and I have to split a couple of bets between them to win and goals, 3-1 feels about right, Creteil have conceded exactly three in 3 of 5 road starts

Bourg-en-Bresse : Callamand, Fabri, Alphonse, Traore, Perradin, Ogier, N'Simba, Faivre, Nirlo, Dembele, Damour, Boujedra, Berthomier, Begue, Sane, Boussaha.

Créteil : Kerboriou, Merville - Di Bartolomeo, Fofana, Ilunga, Konongo, Mahon de Monaghan - Augusto, Dias, Gérard, Lafon, Lesage, Mollet - Andriatsima, Dabo, Sylla.

Bourg -0.75 ball 2.28 asian line/Sportmarket

over 3 goals 2.54 asian line/Sportmarket

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