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Xamax-Basel 1 +0,25 56% 1,99 Pinnacle

Basel on jo varmistanut mestaruuden ja Xamax pahan putoamisuhan alla. Hurja motivaatioetu kotijoukkueella.

Tässä tekstiä Baselin kotisivulta(babelfishillä käännettynä)
Christian large will present a team changed on some positions on Wednesday, 12 May 2004, against Neuchâtel Xamax (19,30 h, Maladière) in the third last season play. That has on the one hand with the return Murat Yakins to do, to the second with the intention of Christian's large of giving in Neuchâtel two, three players a chance for presentation who came last somewhat few to the course, and to the third with the decision of Christian's large of arranging summer holidays of its international players individual. With Xamax Murat Yakin to begin surely and, thus to ist's planned, at least one hour to along-do. Again a chance gets besides Quennoz, the moreover is Barberis and David sword away from beginning is used, and finally Benjamin Huggel in the center behind the points is to pull the threads. That is, that most likely Zwyssig and Philipp sword begin the match in the spare bank. Surely will be missing besides Scott Chipperfield, with which the topic is during holidays planning. Those will arrange Christian large individual due to the fact that numerous its cadre player in the summer break with national teams are engaged, for the national players. In principle training begins on the coming season with the important championsleague plays on 16 June. Who from the players at this date will be however already again present, the U21-Nationalmannschaft off depends to the EM in Germany on cutting the A-national team in Portugal and. With largest true illusory lightness at this time also Thimothée Atouba with of Cameroon will be engaged national team, which denies the three WM Qualifikationsspiele between 6 June and 2 July 2004 against Benin (6 June), Libya (18 June) and Côte d'Ivoire to (2 July). Atouba is decided on Wednesday in Xamax thereby to still be safe, whether he keeps already vorgezoigene holidays awarded from large thereafter due to its national team commitments, on Thursday after the play. Surely however it is that Scott Chipperfield already began its holidays, because he does not have to deny less than four WM Vorqualifikationsspiele between 29 May 2004 and 6 June 2004 with Australia all together in Australia. The decision of large to release Chipperfield already now has thus exclusive with the reason and the attempt to find a balance between recovery and high commitment for the Australian national player. Largely places itself thereby completely rightfully on the point of view to have for the remaining portions also without Chipperfiield a sufficient strong cadre in order to deny a ambitioniertes and regular season final, with which the FCB will play throughout on victory.
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