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 Viestin otsikko: NBA 28.12
ViestiLähetetty: 28.12.2014, 17:43 
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Tough loss yesterday with the LAC/TOR over. Nevertheless it is 9-4-1 record in Ylikerroin.com with NBA so far and hopefully a better night ahead :)

Nuggets vs Raptors

Linemakers still give a huge amount of respect to the Nuggets homecourt advantage. Here is the newsflash: they are 9-6 at home this season, which is only the 9th best record in the Western Conference. Their overall record of 13-17 leaves them outside the play-off race and injuries to McGee, Gallinari, Foye and Arthur means that their bench is really short and starters have to play heavy minutes. That of course is a killer, especially against the teams that like to play uptempo style. Toronto being the 2nd best offensive team in the league will cause the Nuggets 48 minutes of headache in that department.

Denver has had one of the easiest weeks in their schedule playing 4 non play-off teams in a row, but still going only 2-2 and struggling in each and every one of these games. The Raptors (22-7) of course have a totally different quality and performing anything like in last 4 games, the Nuggets will stand no chance. The Raptors will have to play this game as back-to-back, but they got much easier night yesterday than was expected. The bench gave the Raptors a solid performance, which led to starters playing 35 minutes or less in a 13-point win.

The Raptors have lost only 7 times this season (2x to CLE, CHI and once to DAL, MIA and LAL). It is safe to say that losing tonight would take the Raptors to play one of the worst games of the season. In Denver it can happen, although its not likely. Still it is smart to keep the stakes low for this one. Take Toronto -2.5 points with 2/5 units.

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28.12.2014 21:39 <Betman12> Noi Premiumbetit on aivan arpaa, kuten koko sarjakin.
28.12.2014 21:40 <Betman12> Ei tuota mitään
28.12.2014 22:26 <Hosila> if +10% profit from every € you bet is nothing, then yes
28.12.2014 22:29 <Hosila> few of our customers bet couple of hundred € on each unit
28.12.2014 22:30 <Hosila> and since 2015 profit is +19 units have made thousands of €
28.12.2014 22:31 <Hosila> if that is nth for you - you must be earning millions :)
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