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 Viestin otsikko: NBA Finals
ViestiLähetetty: 03.06.2004, 14:19 
Status: JäsenLiittynyt: 03.12.2003, 15:50Viestit: 87
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LAL vs DET (Best of 7 Handicap betting) +2.5

This is the best of 7 series handicap pick. Expekt offers +2.5 games for Detroit in this series with odds 1.60. This means that if Detroit manages to win at least 2 games in this serie the bet is won.

All the publicity is behind the Lakers. It is understandable somehow cause they have 4 future hall of famers and probably the best coach possible. All the hype, money, scandals are connected with Lakers stars in this series. Its Hollywood!!! Yes, Lakers could be considered as a favourite here, but this will be far of being easy ride for them.

What Lakers has is Shaq, but their problem will be `Sheed`, who is considered one of the best Shaq-defenders of the league. If one Wallace is sore or out of form there is always the other Wallace … in this case Ben. Low-post play in defense has been the strenght of the Pistons through all this years play-off. Shaq will be limited, if not with one-to-one plays, then with fouls. Considering Shaq`s very poor free-throw percentage Lakers will surely have some thinking to do.

Talking about two oldies Karl and Gary, its obvious LA will not place high stakes on them. Payton has been overplayed through out the year and Malone will have one of the Wallace´s against him.

Which leaves Kobe for Lakers fans to relay their hopes on. Defensivly Detroit could have biggest problems against Bryant. Hamilton is rather offensive minded and Billups is bothered with minor injuries. This and Shaq`s limited freedom could force Kobe to take more shots and whole game on his shoulders. At the same time Detroit itself has Hamilton who has been in superb form lately to compensate Kobe`s effectivenes.

Generaly .. this will be much more equal matchup as expected by the bookies. Probably most if not all the games will be defensive minded … and Detroit has advantage here as they know how to win by scoring only 75-80 points. There has been no series in whole history when Jackson`s coached Lakers have been under 90 points in average. They face that problem now. Also L.A has shown some motivational problems when they don’t have “must win” situation.

Detroit to take at least two games in this quite equal matchup is almost sure. In this series first two games will be played in L.A and then 3 next games in Detroit. So even if Detroit loses both L.A games they have 3 more chances at home. There is possibility if Lakers leads 3-1 and will have 5th game in Detroit that stars of Lakerland could give away or enter the game with less motivation – because of their wish to win the Title in front of their homecrowd…

Expekt offers +2.5 as a handicap for Detroit in this series. No serious NBA-bettor will avoid this chance. Full stakes!

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ViestiLähetetty: 03.06.2004, 22:35 
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Kassa: +356.89 yks. Palautus%: 122.09% Panosten ka: 1.62 yks. Vetoja: 995
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Hyvä kerroin.
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