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 Viestin otsikko: NBA 8.12.
ViestiLähetetty: 08.12.2004, 14:42 
Status: JäsenLiittynyt: 03.12.2003, 15:50Viestit: 87
Pisteitä: 0
Orlando -1

Once again going against the Jazz seems like a good option! Once again bookies are seem to overestimating the Jazz! Once again the motivation taking Utah`s opponent is the same!

The Jazz has fallen into the deep hole ... playing without injured Kirilenko is proving to be very costly for the team. Utah has lost 5 games in a row, with average of 20 points! After starting the season with 6-1 record they have won only 2 games from next 11. Even players not injured are falling out of form – Boozer scoring 8 and 11 points in last 2 games (when you expect 20+ points from him when AK47 is out) and Carlos Arroyo shooting 1-7 from the field against the Heat. Utah will hardly ever win any games with such perfomance(s).

Orlando has a record of 11-6 at the moment. They lost against the Denver in last game to end their 3 game winning streak. It was an away game and Denver is improving lately so losing the game should only raise Orlandos desire to get back on track right away.

There are really many good things for the Magic going on right now. They have all players healthy now, their rookie Dwight Howard improves with every game and starts to be also an offensive factor. The weakest team last year is surely heading into the play-offs this year if they continue playing anywhere near that level they are playing now.

Orlando Magic is the team who likes to open up the games with taking many shots and raising up the tempo. They sure have every right to do so with “guns” like Francis, Hill, Mobley and Turkoglu in lineup. Playing without Kirilenko Utah hardly can pull out the defensive effort to stop them tonight. At the same time Utah hasn`t got enough offensive power to match the Magic. Although playing away expect the Magic to blow away the Jazz so the line –1.0 looks like an early Christmas gift from the bookies. High stakes!

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 Viestin otsikko:
ViestiLähetetty: 08.12.2004, 16:54 
Status: JäsenLiittynyt: 14.01.2003, 15:45Viestit: 842Paikkakunta: Oulu
Pisteitä: 0
Washington Denver -4 46-54
LA_Lakers Phoenix 4 55-45
 Viestin otsikko:
ViestiLähetetty: 08.12.2004, 18:49 
Status: JäsenLiittynyt: 31.01.2003, 18:58Viestit: 3840Paikkakunta: Tampere
Pisteitä: 14639
Kassa: +58.65 yks. Palautus%: 101.26% Panosten ka: 2.95 yks. Vetoja: 1585
New Orleans Hornets - New York Knicks 26-74
ml Knicks 1.45 (Centrebet)
Knicks -5 1.9 (Centrebet)

Detroit Pistons - Toronto Raptors (177)
under 186.5 1.9 (Nordicbet)

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Aloita uusi ketju Vastaa viestiin  [ 3 viestiä ] 

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