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 Viestin otsikko: SSP
ViestiLähetetty: 18.09.2003, 12:14 
Status: JäsenLiittynyt: 24.04.2003, 11:54Viestit: 557
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SSP horror story

SSP's horrible customer treatment.
SSP is a bookie we often hear bad things about, espescially their customer treatment and their slooow payouts (if the money ever arrive).

Bettingadvice can today bring you the story about German Udo Wallraberstein, who's treatment at SSP shoudl act as a warnign signal to anyone who is, or who will be, betting on the net.

The folliwing is Udo's own words:

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

since 15 months I have the problem not to get the payout of my money from the betting agency SSP (http://www.ssp.co.uk).
After I hadn't had any success with emails and telefon-calls to the customer-service I contacted Mister Hoyle, who is the boss of the customer-service. His first reaction was to tell me, that my creditcard company didn't pay so that he couldn't payout my money. I replied that he had reversed my payment to my creditcard company but he didn't answer to my mails.
Then I decided to inform "Bild" (the biggest german newspaper) about these things and this newspaper sent a request to SSP.
In November 2002 Mister Hoyle promised me to send me 1000 Euro "next week". Later again he promised me to send it in June 2003, but until now I haven't received anything.
On the website of SSP one can read that SSP would be a member of I.B.A.S.
After I wrote an email explaining my problems to I.B.A.S. and told this to Mister Hoyle, he sent me the following answer:
"You are going further down my list you cheat. Bill"
After I received the answer from I.B.A.S. I understand now, why Mister Hoyle has been so upset.

Here the answer of I.B.A.S.:

Chris O'Keeffe
Tel: 020 7529 7673

Dear Mr Wallrabenstein
Thank you for your email of 11th September, 2003. I can only advise that SSP International Sports Betting is no longer registered with IBAS following their failure to respond to our communications regarding previous cases.

Whilst I appreciate that this is unfortunate for you, our Service is in place to offer dispute resolution procedures for clients of bookmakers registered with IBAS, who, by so doing, are declaring their commitment to fair play and co-operation to abide by our rulings. SSP no longer fall into this category as, being a de-registered company, they now operate outside our register of bookmakers.

Chris O'Keeffe
Manager, IBAS

Now I wrote to Mister Hoyle that I had no choice but to inform the public bout his behaviour. But again he insulted me with his answer:

"You are now at the bottom of the list do your worst crazy man"

The email address of Mister Hoyle is Bill.Hoyle@ssp.co.uk

Bettingadvice says:
First of all, Bettingadvice.com is not an active part in this dispute between SSP and Udo Wallrabenstein, nor will we be in the future. We are just publishing Udo's story, because we feel it is relevant for other punters around the world, and because it is Udo's wish that we do so.
We're ofcourse printing only one side of the story here, but from what we hear about SSP from various soruces, we don't have any reason to doubt Udo Wallrabenstein's words in this matter. SSP is generally regarded as one of the worst bookmakers around by many punters, and it is ofcourse difficult to recommend a company with a track record like SSP to new punters. THerefore, SSP has not been visible on Bettingadvice in the form of text links, banners or editorials in the last 2 years. There is little doubt that it is rather strange that a company of this size can still be in business without getting any punishents (in the form of a licence withdrawal, etc) for all the complaints launched at them form various customers around the globe.

Mr Wallrabenstein has obviously tried everything he can to get his money out, the fight has now lasted for over 1 year (!). His only hope, the way he (and we) see it, is that his story is told in public, to warn others about the rather peculiar business of SSP.
Note that IBAS say that SSP is de-registered as a member of their organization, because they have failed to respond the previous cases of this type.....
Bettingadvice generally do not recommend betting with bookmakers that are not registered with bookmaker associatons which is commiting them to fair play and fair business.

Feel free to support Udo Wallrabenstein's case by sending a mail to SSP's customer manager Bill Hoyle, ( Bill.Hoyle@ssp.co.uk ) and ask him if this is the way customers at SSP is treated.

Edellinen siis pomittu www.bettingadvice.com sivuilta.

Lisäksi www.sportbookreview.com antaa luokitukseksi: F to F+ Caution, extreme risk to players funds. Possibility of a scam

Ei varmaan mitään uutta tietoa monellekkaan teistä, mutta muistutukseksi ettei esim. tip-ex sivuilla näkyvät korkeat kertoimet rupea kiehtomaan.
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ViestiLähetetty: 18.09.2003, 13:57 
Status: JäsenLiittynyt: 26.05.2003, 11:49Viestit: 70Paikkakunta: Espoo
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Kokeilkaas googlella hakua "ssp vedonlyönti". Ei ihme, että SSP:lle riittää asiakkaita, kun mm. ekassa linkissä Ihmemaa suosittelee SSP:tä! Uskomatonta! Mihinkähän toikin suositus perustuu? Monilla muilla sivuilla on vedonlyöntilinkkien joukossa SSP.

ps. nyt kaikki lähettämään postia Ihmemaalle. On tosiaan ihmemaa...
 Viestin otsikko:
ViestiLähetetty: 18.09.2003, 15:49 
Status: JäsenLiittynyt: 25.01.2003, 10:58Viestit: 237Paikkakunta: Jyväskylä
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Olisiko Oy Tippaustoimisto AB antanut vinkkejä hyvien ulkomaisten puljujen osalta...opettavat vähän pentuja ettei lähdetä liian kauas kotoa seikkailemaan... :P
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