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 Viestin otsikko: Tennis 25.7
ViestiLähetetty: 25.07.2005, 10:12 
Status: JäsenLiittynyt: 06.11.2003, 14:32Viestit: 426Paikkakunta: ankkalinna
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Generali Open - Voittaja

Oma suosikki voittajaksi F. Gonzales
NB tarjoaa mukavaa voittajakerrointa 7.00.

Ottakaa edes varmat pois ja myykää Betfairilla vähän yli 5:llä.
Juuri nyt myytävissä kertoimella 5.2 1325€

EDIT: Pelataan nyt vielä Centren Gaudio 3.50 ja myydään sitä
Betfairilla 3.00:lla.

Pelaavat eri puolilla kaaviota, joten kohtaavat vasta finaalissa.
 Viestin otsikko:
ViestiLähetetty: 25.07.2005, 11:32 
Status: JäsenLiittynyt: 17.06.2005, 11:38Viestit: 16
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Nathalie Dechy to beat Karolina Sprem
stake 4/10
odds: 1.619
bookie: Pinnacle

There are some really serious slumps this season in wta tour.But that worst one is definetly Karolina Sprem slump.Likeable croatian who is one of the hardest hitting ball girl on tour continue to dissapoint week after week.It is hard to belive that it was only a one year luck of her good playing, because it was looking like she has got extremly big potential to be one of the top players even in whole decade. First of all she never like to practising too muchand when she started to cooperate with Borna Bikic, who is very dark character in wta, it was clear that it could be only worse and worse with her form, but probably no one expected that she will go down from 17th place in the entry to 61st. Her biggest problems are definetly stamina, serving and keeping the ball in play longer than four or five shots. She is trying to 'kill' almost every ball and hit a winner but it is impossible for the player who is completly out of her normal shape.Karolina has also no luck in draw and she will meet in the first round one of the top french playersDechy. Nathalie had a great start of the season, reching semi final of the Australian Open, but after that huge success something did not work correct for few weeks.
Maybe she had some big personal problems about most of people did not know , maybe she felt to confident on the court and was thinking that matches would be winning themselves witout big trying from her side. She lost even some first round matches but it looks like everything is coming back to right order and Nathalie starting to play on her normal, very high level.Her last four tournaments was semi final in strasbourg, 3rd round of Roland garros, quater final in eastbourne and 4th round of Wimbledon whereas Sprem lost twice in the first round of the eastbourne and wimbledon, than won and lost once at fed cup against germany.Nathalie is a very tough player to beat, she usually does not move from end line hitting thr ball very hard and precisly under her opponents feet. When Karolina is getting such a balls she rather hitting the balls into net or out of court.Dechy's weakest point of the game is serve but if we compare it to Sprem's serve it does not look bad. Nathalie is very regular player, she can hitting the ball really long in rallies so if you want to win the point you need to hit some winner along the line which Karolina in current form just can not do.All in all Nathalie has all in the hand to win this match, and should not have problems to get into the 2nd round.

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