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 Viestin otsikko: Tennis ti 02.08
ViestiLähetetty: 02.08.2005, 11:45 
Status: JäsenLiittynyt: 17.06.2005, 11:38Viestit: 16
Pisteitä: 0
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odds: 2.399
stake: 4/10

Chakvetadze to beat Benesova @ 1.704

Anna Chakvetadze is a young russian, one of the member of russian revolution which we could see in the last couple of years. If we want to see how fast she is improving her game, we should look at her year end ranking. 2002- 764th place, 2003-373rd place, 2004-83rd place, August 2005- 33rd. It is clear that she is not one of the many players from the top 50 in the rank but she is someone with a huge part of potential and could reach even top 20. She is practising a lot with her coach and want to improve all of her bad parts of the game.Whereas Benesova in my opinion is one of the most lazy players on tour. I saw many times when she was broken for the first time she started to give up on the court and stop fighting.Last time when we could see Iveta Benesova in good shape it was march 2004(won title in Acapulco) but she did not play that good never since. All last year was one big slump, losing many times already in the first round whereas Chakvetadze was doing better week after week.Both have simillar style of play, the biggest difference is that Iveta is left-handed and Anna has more energy to fight and now she has more abilities to play tenis on the high level.Chakvetadze won 40 of 53 games played on hard in her career and today match is going to take play on that kind of surface. Benesova reached quater-final last week in Stanford upseting Schaivone and Peng which was definetly a big suprise for everybody but this weak she was nearly out of tournament one more time in the first round, finally she won a killing three-setter with Zuluaga who was out of the game for two last months, whereas Chakvetadze beat in straight sets young french star Tatiana Golovin proving one more time that she is very talented and already has the game to beat top players.

Mirza to beat Garbin @ 1.408

Sania Mirza is now one of the top contender to win newcomer of the year award. She won already won tournament and beat many great players like Kuzentsova or Kirilenko.At the start of the season she was on 169th place in the entry system , now she is on 59 so she is definetly imrpoving her tennis all time but we should also remember that she couldn't play in a lot of tournaments during april and may being injured really bad. Now she is recovered, ready to fight and to win many matches on tour.She past trough the qualies without any question, whereas garbin had luck because her opponent has to retire in the final round of the qualifying tournament. A very important thing in this match is surface, Sania is a hardhitter, she loves to hitting a tons of winners and playing really fast, Garbin definetly prefer slower surface and reach better results on clay. Mirza won 95 of 113 games on hard in her career, and in my opinion has all in the hand to win this match even not playing her best because Garbin is not the player who can make a lot of problems on hard surface to such a type of player like Sania.
 Viestin otsikko:
ViestiLähetetty: 02.08.2005, 18:42 
Status: JäsenLiittynyt: 31.01.2003, 18:58Viestit: 3841Paikkakunta: Tampere
Pisteitä: 14642
Kassa: +58.65 yks. Palautus%: 101.26% Panosten ka: 2.95 yks. Vetoja: 1585
A Sugiyama - M Shaughnessy 54% 2.15 (WilliamHill)

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