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 Viestin otsikko: Yen seikkailut Belgiassa
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Aiheesta oli mm. eilisessä Iltasanomissa.

Aiheeseen liittyen Belgian suurin flaaminkielinen urheilulehti SportWereld kertoo, että Belgian pääsarjassa viime lauantaina pelattua ottelua Charleroi - FC Brüssel oli lyöty Betfairissa yli 600 000 eurolla, vrt. perjantain kärkikamppailu Anderlecht - Racing Genk, jossa vaihto oli Belgialaislähteiden mukaan 19 000 euroa, joka on melko normaali Jupiler League -ottelun vaihto Betfairissa. Luin vain nopeasti käännösohjelman avulla SportWereldin nettisivuilta, että paikan päällä ottelua oli seuraamassa pelaaja-agentti Pietro Allatta, joka on vahvasti yhdistetty vedonlyöntimafiaan. FC Brüsseliä valmentaa entinen La Louvieren valmentaja Albert Cartier ja Brüsselin riveissä kentällä kirmasi Cartierin tavoin La Louvieressa viime kaudella vaikuttanut keskikenttämies Mario Espartero (molemmat ranskalaisia).

Ketä aihe enemmän kiinnostaa, löytävät kattavan paketin flaamiksi täältä: http://www.sportwereld.be/Uitslagen/ind ... D=GTVNRG6V

Jos kuitenkaan flaami ei taivu, niin seuraavasta Babelfishin käännöksestä saa kuitenkin hyvän yleiskuvan:

Programmers of ' the tackle of the mafia ' are certainly of their piece

,, we have lost Hoera!' ' With that significant volzin panorama started its talked-about reportage yesterday, the tackle of the mafia '', in a attempt expose the branches of the Chinese bettingcircuit in Belgian football. , there a mafia structure exists which matching manipulate '', are programmer Chris van den Abeele very certainly.

With real proofs the makers of the panorama panorama-reportage do not come carry. , of course we do not have those '', admit to journalist Chris van den Abeele grif. , the trade mark of Al Capone existed correctly that he did not let catch itself. But we have been persuaded of the existence of a mafia structure. In that respect only give we took of which we hundred per cent are certain. For this reason does not prevent for example Oliver Suray in the reportage.' '

In Shanghai

research journalist Tom Van de Weghe drew firstly to London, where they confirmed him at the gokkantoor Betfair that kindest 245,000 pond were used on the game Sint-Truiden-La Louvière. Also at the match Cercle Brugge-Sint-Truiden couples they remarkable solicit fixed. Armed with that information Shanghai draw, in search of the gokchinees Van de Weghe to the city worth millions. The notorious Zheyun Ye did not run he there against the lijf, but he determined with own eyes how popular the Belgian clubs, particularly La Louvière, there are at the gokliefhebbers.

Van de Weghe occurs as a potential matter partner and discovered already fast that Cecilia Bianci, the zogezegde textile company for which 5,000 people would work are only one dekmantel for illegal practices. He gets not Ye but its rechterhand cheek to the line. , Mr Ye is with holiday '', sounds it. By means of the detective office measure 007 comes he more to the weet. , its company is to a dekmantel for illegal practices '', says the speurder, but he asks 25,000 euro for further information.

Panorama weigert, maar de reporter ter plaatse kan toch het gokmilieu binnendringen. Bij het openen van een willekeurige Chinese gokinformatiewebsite stuit hij op de namen van alle Belgische eersteklassers maar ook op die van de ploegen uit lagere waarmee Ye contact had, Bergen en Oostende. Als kenner van het Belgisch voetbal versiert Van de Weghe een afspraak met een gokagent. Hij moet zelf meedoen en verwedt 300 euro op een 1-1 gelijkspel in de bekermatch AA Gent-Standard. ,,Leuk, ik heb al veel gewonnen met Belgische ploegen'', zegt een medestander. ,,Vooral met La Louvière, want die worden gecontroleerd door de maffia.'' Later krijgt Van de Weghe zowaar te horen dat AA Gent-La Louvière op 3-0 moet eindigen.

System La Louvière

, vital man in system La Louvière is not according to already our sources central verdediger Ekani, occasional one of the lievelingen of coach Bodart. It is not clear of who she explains their orders received '', this way the mysterious voice in the reportage. , current manager Chris Benoit and lawyer Laurent Denis is present in the system, there is no smoke without fire '', adds anonymous bell-louder. According to him it would be very difficult find honest players at La Louvière. Van den Abeele, however, aim man calls Cordier as a player who stands above all suspicion. Concerning club LEADER Gaone he is less certainly. , He has for its company money necessary, weet certainly that there is something to the hand. After the slotmatch previous year he told on Lierse that the club was purified. Apparently that has not succeeded him.'

In sum the Chinese gokmaffia will have tried on in sum seven matchings grasp to get (to start with La Louvière-Genk in September previous year, to see overview elsewhere in our newspaper, red.). , it is not this way simple matching manipulate '', thus still Van den Abeele. , at Brussels-Lierse for example it has failed. And La Louvière-Genk was very stretching to on the end. But if it succeeds, the serious bingo is.' ' Also previous season there as a matter of fact strange things happened to be, then Cartier at draws La Louvière and at Lierse against Genk (draw were at that moment absent because of a task abroad) - a b b-elftal established. Dixit the reportagemakers well thereby keeper will have swept away Mardulier in its fall.

Panorama intensifies also an anonymous witness, who tells concerning a player of of Brussels that 200,000 euro was promised voluit not go in the match against Lierse. Striking also the interview with goalkeeper Sillenpaa of Allianssi, the Finnish plough of Ye is which lost with 8-0 of Haka. Sillenpaa could not in those match participate, because he was by Allatta uitgenodig for a test at... La Louvière. , I had run for an hour rondjes and afterwards to be forwarded. He explains strangely, never earlier experienced ''.

Bribery mounts

The panorama panorama-reportage distinguishes between manipulatie for gokgewin on the one hand, and by sport-loving considerations omkooppogingen motivated. Thus the programmers accuse Pietro Allatta and then Bergen-manager Stéphane Pauwels awl malversaties to love previous season in first class Bergen. Those would be previous year in April with the meanwhile notorious game Bergen-La Louvière started (4-1). , coach Cartier van La Louvière and the players Toyes, Van Handenhoven, Brahami and Espartero is the best schoolknaapjes in the klasje of the masters Allatta and Pauwels awl '', says the commentaarstem in the retransmission. , them less has best done their '', weet Van den Abeele, however, certain. , already weet I or this sufficient is not for legal steps.' '

On 23 April wins Bergen with 3-2 of Westerlo, after a huge blunder of aim man Bourdon. Westero lose the confidence in its aim man and no longer establish him afterwards. But runs afterwards wrong. Ye will talk with Messoudi, Cruz and Luciano. According to panorama a deal in makes, but goes the matter is also there by because the association parquet floor claims all watch matching of Bergen. This way failed eventually the attempt of Allatta and Pauwels awl keep mounts in first. Merkaardig is in advance that Jos Daerden, which quite on gone layman to keep the henegouwers in first, on the second last speeldag were nevertheless dismissed. , that does not get I '', says Van den Abeele honestly.

The role of the football association

According to the panorama panorama-reportage the football association would be already informed year previous since April. Then Geel-manager Belmans say in the retransmission that the club got in touch even with someone of the executive committee and that which saw no edges in a possible cooperation with Chinese.

It becomes still more straffer when the gokbedrijf Betfair Sint-Truiden-La Louvière explain a letter to have written to the Belgian football association after, to make report of extreem high use on that game. Jan Peeters say that he received that letter never. Strange. So much is certainly: many proofs did not sit there in the reportage on canvas, but she does Belgian football boom, however, on its to found.

Saman lehden nettiversiossa yhden artikkelin otsikko on 'Poliisi Michael Romain: "En tunnista ongelmaa."' :lol: Taitaa tässä mennä vielä vuosia, ennen kuin kansalliset jalkapalloliitot ja poliisi tajuavat mitä tapahtuu ja miksi, ja ennen kaikkea saavat tehostetulla yhteistyöllä vedonlyöntiyritysten, kuten Betradar, kanssa homman aisoihin kuten Saksassa Hoyzer-skandaalin jälkeen.
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