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 Viestin otsikko: YLE teksti-tv ja Gretzkyn risut Eurooppaan lähtijöille
ViestiLähetetty: 10.11.2004, 17:39 
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" Lukuisat NHL-pelaajat ovat matkanneet
Euroopan sarjoihin ansaitakseen
elantonsa pattitilanteen vuoksi.

Näille yli 250 pelaajalle Gretzky jakaa
yllättäen risukimpun. Taalaliigan
edellisen työsulun aikaan Gretzky
kieltäytyi pelaamasta ulkomailla..."

Tuosta jutusta tuli mieleeni Corey Hirschin avautuminen Ottawa Sunissa vähän aikaa sitten. Hän kritisoi myös näitä NHL-pelaajia, jotka ovat vieneet heidän pelipaikkansa ja palkkansa. Hirschille tuo raha tulisi hänen mukaansa tarpeeseen, mutta NHL-miljonääreille pelaamisesta saatavalla rahan määrällä ei ole merkitystä, vaan sillä että pysyisi pelikunnossa.

http://www.google.fi/search?q=cache:FdX ... rsch&hl=fi

(Välimuistitallenne, koska alkuperäinen muuttunut jo maksulliseksi)

Sat, October 30, 2004

'Scabs' taking our jobs

Former NHL goalie Corey Hirsch has a pregnant wife and kids ... he's out of a job ... and he's angry at NHLers

By COREY HIRSCH, For the Sun

Goaltender Corey Hirsch, 32, was playing for the Langnau Tigers of the Swiss "A" League when the NHL lockout hit. The former NHLer's life has been affected by the influx of locked-out NHLers to Europe.

Over the last couple of weeks, Hirsch and Sun columnist Chris Stevenson have been exchanging e-mails about the situation facing players in Europe who have lost their jobs since the arrival of the locked-out NHLers. Hirsch is one of them. His is the story behind the headline every time you read another NHLer is Europe-bound. Here is his story, in his words.

The NHL lockout has affected many people on a variety of different levels, but every time an NHL player signs in Europe, another life is affected.

At the time of the writing of this article, we are now at 231 NHLers in Europe and counting.

One of these lives affected is my own.

I came to Europe two years ago to get away from the NHL.

For whatever reason, like many of my North American colleagues over here, I didn't make it in the NHL. Europe was the next-best option to keep my career going. Once again, though, the NHL has me in its grasp.

It's like a choke hold I can't get out of, but this time it's different, it's my fellow players who are doing the damage.

NHL players are coming to Europe in droves and are bumping off, one by one, players that actually need the money. While I can empathize that some players feel they have to play or they may become lockout casualties themselves, the lack of compassion and understanding of what they are doing to many of the players in Europe is extremely unnerving.

Every day, I read another arrogant quote from someone coming to play in Europe for no reason but to stay in shape.

Where is the logic in not negotiating a CBA that will still pay a player more than he will ever need, but instead he'll come to Europe to play just to stay in shape?

I think some of these players should have a talk with my pregnant wife and kids who moved their lives to Europe, only to watch me sit in the stands game after game, because I have been bumped by an NHL player. It is now realistic that I may not play a game this season.

At some point, the NHL lockout will end and a strong majority of these players will go back to the NHL. They will have careers making great salaries, but the damage they will have left in their wake will be irreparable.

While they are back playing, myself and many others will be fighting for jobs that pay minute salaries compared to the NHL. Without playing the previous season due to this mess, many players in Europe may have to retire.

I am left to wonder if any of the NHL players understand the repercussions of their actions. When the topic of NHL replacement players comes up, it is met with anger and resistance.

Do NHL players not realize that this is exactly what they are doing by taking jobs in Europe?

They are scabs over here, replacement players, basically rented to put fans in the seats.

All the players they are stepping on over here will now be the first to stand in line if and when the NHL needs replacement players.

I understand that my views will probably not change anything, nor will it save any jobs over here. They will, however, give NHL players an understanding that it is not okay to bring their lockout mess to Europe and believe that they are doing no harm.

We are now at 231 lives and counting, not to mention the families that have been affected. So before NHL players come to Europe, I suggest they take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask themselves why they are coming.

Other than to stay in shape, they will be playing for little money and will be destroying others' job security.

I have to ask, is this not exactly what the NHL players are fighting against back in North America?


Following is a list of NHL goalies who are currently playing in Europe during the NHL lockout:


Martin Prusek, Ottawa;

Roman Cechmanek, Los Angeles; Thomas Vokoun, Nashville.


Dwanye Roloson, Minnesota; Pasi Nurminen, Atlanta.


Cristobal Huet, Montreal.


Fred Brathwaite, Columbus; Jussi Markkanen, Edmonton; Garth Snow, N.Y. Islanders.


Martin Gerber, Carolina; David Aebischer, Colorado.


Brian Boucher, Phoenix; Miikka Kiprusoff, Calgary.
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